Implement a class Complex which represents the Complex Number data type. Implement the following operations: 1. Constructor (including a default constructor which creates the complex number 0+0i). 2. Overloaded operator+ to add two complex numbers. 3. Overloaded operator* to multiply two complex numbers. 4. Overloaded << and >> to print and read Complex Numbers.


Write a C++ program create a calculator for an arithmetic operator (+, -, *, /). The program should take two operands from user and performs the operation on those two operands depending upon the operator entered by user. Use a switch statement to select the operation. Finally, display the result.


Develop an object oriented program in C++ to create a database of student information system containing the following information: Name, Roll number, Class, division, Date of Birth, Blood group, Contact address, telephone number, driving license no. etc Construct the database with suitable member functions for initializing and destroying the data viz constructor, default constructor, Copy constructor, destructor, static member functions, friend class, this pointer, inline code and dynamic memory allocation operators-new and delete.


Write C++ Program with base class convert declares two variables, val1 and val2, which hold the initial and converted values, respectively. It also defines the functions getinit( ) and getconv( ), which return the initial value and the converted value. These elements of convert are fixed and applicable to all derived classes that will inherit convert. However, the function that will actually perform the conversion, compute( ), is a pure virtual function that must be defined by the classes derived from convert. The specific nature of compute( ) will be determined by what type of conversion is taking place.


Create employee bio-data using following classes i) Personal record ii))Professional record iii) Academic record Assume appropriate data members and member function to accept required data & print bio-data. Create bio-data using multiple inheritance using C++.


Write a C++ program that creates an output file, writes information to it, closes the file and open it again as an input file and read the information from the file.


Write C++ program using STL for implementation of Singly, doubly and circular linked list.


Write C++ program using STL for implementation of Singly, doubly and circular linked list.


Write C++ program using STL for implementation of stack & queue using SLL


Write C++ program using STL for Dqueue (Double ended queue)